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Hunter Chrisp

Creative Director & NZQA Qualified Personal Trainer




GYM Address:

44 Rewi Street 


Auckland NZ

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Who is Hunter Chrisp?

Hey, I'm Hunter.

I’m a lazy gone disciplined creative director. Life used to rule me, and now I help others rule life.

Everything is a skill, which means discipline is one too. Discipline is the backbone to every other goal or dream we have. 

I've been a fully qualified PT since 2016 and practitioner of movement my whole life. 

I’m the guy whose life took a U-turn into a dark place. 

I thought there was no way out. But I found a way, and that way involved learning the skill of discipline.

I can help others systemise their training and day gaining clarity towards their purpose and passion so they can go to bed with a smile knowing they’re getting Every Last Drop from each day. 

As a Personal Trainer, turned freelancer, turned creator, I’ve developed effective discipline systems that have helped me and my clients learn new skills and find true fulfilment in life. 

You can work with me via picking up my online programmes, in person on online Personal Training or through our Kairos shop.

If you want to chase your dreams and build the skills required, send me a message and let's get Every Last Drop from life!

Let's Get

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