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Army Bay, Whangaparāoa, Auckland, 0930

About Me

Kia Ora Whānau!

I’m Gabriel, and I’m all about Holistic Unconventional Fitness & Wellness. I approach training and health through an Evolutionary perspective of Human Movement, focusing on how our bodies naturally evolved to move and thrive. With over 18 years of experience as a Fitness Trainer and Coach, I’ve seen firsthand how transformative this approach can be. This is my practice, this is my lifestyle and this is my passion.

For the past decade, I’ve also been an Education Provider of Movement and Unconventional Training for Fitness Professionals, sharing my knowledge and helping others in the industry grow and succeed. I pride myself on being a natural leader, creating unity and a strong sense of community in every group I lead. My goal is to foster an environment where everyone feels supported, empowered and curious to keep learning.

My anthropological vision of human movement aligns with the idea of biological optimization. By understanding and leveraging the ways our bodies are meant to move and interact with the environment, I believe we can enhance our overall health. This approach not only helps you feel great, happy, and energized, but it also reflects positively in how you look.

As a 40-year-old man, I know the challenges of a busy life with a full-time job, quality time with kids and wife, family activities, travels, and holidays, etc., etc. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

My mission is to help you as a human (no matter your gender, age, or physical capabilities) to improve your levels of athleticism, along with conscious practices and well-being in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental aspects.

Join me on this sustainable journey to embrace a healthier, more balanced lifestyle through the power of conscious movement.


Let’s unlock your potential together...

Pura Vida!

training & MOvement Background

I’ve spent a lifetime studying, combining, and evolving elements from a wide range of martial arts, dance genres, athletic endeavors, and science to develop a unified theory and practice of training that I call “Evolutionary Human Movement.”

This approach incorporates physical movement, including the role of the nervous system, reflexive versus deliberate movement patterns, and the link between emotions, awareness in movement, metabolic and biological potentiation, the link between the holistic complexity of human existence, and its close relationship with nature.

Through my practice, you will experience the power of learning and neuroplasticity, the mind-body connection, and how movement itself can be leveraged toward expanding other types of skills—cognitive, creative, and otherwise.

As an experienced practitioner and teacher of movement, my approach can benefit everyone—children, adults, athletes, dancers, clinicians, trainers, and the everyday person.

Natural Method
Re-Wilding & Re-Ancestralization
Regenerative Practice

Calisthenics & Gymnastics

CrossFit / Functional Training

Capoeira & Martial Arts

Unconventional Training
Kettlebels, Macebells & Clubbells

Animal Flow

Rope Flow

Ido Portal Method

Survival Skills

Whitewater Rafting Guide

First Aid & CPR

Life Guard

Stunt Performer

Over the past decade, I have developed and refined my approach to physical training, which has been shaped by my personal experiences, research, and teaching. This approach has formed the foundation of my current work in the fields of fitness, movement, and wellbeing, and has led to the development of my Evolutionary Human Movement and anthropological philosophy. By delving deeper into human biomechanics and understanding the evolutionary processes that have shaped human behavior, I have been able to further refine my approach to physical training.

Calisthenics was one of my primary training systems for Strength & Conditioning during my youth. The combination of gymnastics skills and bodyweight strength training was crucial in my career as a Martial Artist, setting me apart from my competitors. 

It's also worth mentioning that my natural curiosity and individual movement research, along with the inherent philosophy of calisthenics, fostered the creativity needed to develop my own training methods and systems. This versatility allowed me to train anywhere, giving me a significant advantage in helping clients and students. Additionally, it enabled me to effectively program and teach gymnastics skills as part of my CrossFit coaching.

As CrossFit Coach for 5 years I had the opportunity to train elite athletes from both CrossFit specific and high performance sport players. Also, from the perspective of the CrossFit concept Ive been able to apply the main 3 pillars of the concept to create and deliver a variety of relevant individualized stimulus for every single client and student.

The Brazilian art form, expression, and fight system that changed my life...

I have been fortunate enough to practice and teach Capoeira for the past 18 years. This has given me the opportunity to travel around the world as an instructor, performer, and cultural representative for my city and country of origin. It has also allowed me to become a cultural event organizer. The best part is that it opened up a new world of possibilities for work opportunities, social connections, and life lessons, including the chance to learn new languages and speak them fluently and proficiently.

Unconventional training has been my lifelong journey across a wide range of disciplines, enabling me to understand the complexity of human movement. This understanding helps create a stronger, more resilient body through the application of the right stimuli to generate proper adaptations. Incorporating tools like kettlebells, macebells, clubbells, and many more amplifies the spectrum of object manipulation, offering tremendous benefits for nervous system, strength and conditioning gains.

Animal Flow has been an important aspect of my Unconventional Method. Animal Flow was created from a skills practice perspective taking a huge amount of movement from Capoeira, Parkour and Gymnastic. This simply made sense in my movement background practice which easily fit within Animal Flow Method.

Rope Flow was born in 2004 by applying WeckMethod’s Rotational Movement Training® principles to rope training. By removing the “jump” from jumping rope, your body is forced to rotate with every repetition. This strategy enables you to rapidly perfect the timing, balance, and integration of your entire body to rotate, which is the key to optimizing movement efficiency and power output (as well as reducing repetitive impact upon your body).The Rope Flow movement has grown steadily through the years to become a worldwide movement practiced by 100,000’s of people all over the world today.

The Ido Portal method is based on the concept of self-dominance.

The practitioners are encouraged to master their own body in free movement, often inverted or crawling on the ground, before engaging in other sports.

Practicing survival skills aligns me with the concepts of re-wilding and re-ancestralization. The symbiotic connection to nature makes me fully appreciate the importance of maintaining a biologically coherent natural lifestyle and underscores the significance of caring for our Mother Earth.

Coming from a land with vast desert mountains, celebrating water has always been a passion of mine. One of the most gratifying roles in my life was working as a white water rafting guide. This opportunity allowed me to spend more time in nature, deepening my understanding of it, and opened doors to work in tourism and interact with people from all around the world.

Comprihensive First Aid Certification
NZQA Standarts: 6402, 6401, 6400

Using my physical skills to help others and serve the community is one of my favorite aspects of being a strong, capable individual. As a lifeguard, constantly scanning the environment for potential hazards and maintaining mental readiness allows me to be ready to take action whenever needed. This training has given me the gratifying opportunity to save lives in critical moments.

Working as a stunt performer has been one of my latest additions to my movement background and work experiences. It has given me the chance to meet incredibly talented individuals with exceptional body skills. I must say that my approach to physical conditioning, along with my diverse training background, has made it easier to meet the demanding physical requirements of this role in the film industry.

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