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Jul 1, 2024 - Jul 31, 2024


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Holistic Strength & Conditioning protocol to Fitness & Wellbeing! This is Beginner level which makes it suitable for everyone. The complexity of exercises is low to moderate. Training intensity is high (similar to the advanced level), and volume is moderate and less than the advanced level. This level is also suitable for those at an intermediate level who have experience in training and want to try Unconventional Functional Training. You can also fit into this category if you do not have access to the equipment needed for the advanced program. Program Components: The components for our Strength, Metabolic and Athletic Conditioning will be based on: - Functional Strength Training - Boxing & Martial Arts - Calisthenics and Body Weight - Rotational Movement - Functional Mobility - Skills Practice - Lifestyle Blueprint (Nutrition, Grounding, Meditation & Full Presence practice). Equipment needed: - Kettlebells - Dumbells - Rubber Bands or Cable Machine - Medicine Ball or Slam Ball - Pull Ups Bar - Gym Rings Community Support: You will be part of a private chat group to support, motivate, and inspire you on your journey... We will have different chat categories to help you make the most of the program. Some of the topics under discussion will be: Lifestyle Blueprint and Frequent Q&A for Training Specifics (explanations, variations, videos, recommendations, and everything related to our protocol and training sessions). This is your opportunity to make the most of this introductory price for you to try something different, move without pain, improve your fitness levels and feel great on your body!!! Join us in a supportive community of practitioners for our fully remote program.

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