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This is the 7 day Unconventional Challenge!

Why do this?

  • Feel more energy

  • Increased confidence

  • Build resilience 

  • Be part of a community 

  • Challenge your beliefs 

  • Step into who you’ve always wanted to be

  • Build discipline and trust in yourself

  • Unlock new fitness levels

Join the Challenge!
Sign up here to learn more:

We look forward to seeing you grow.

Nutrition guide

For these 7 days we are strictly eating certain food groups.

The guideline is "whole foods." Which basically means if it can go off sitting on the bench, then its good to eat. 

Examples would be: Meat, fruit, vegetables, raw dairy, honey. 

Natural unprocessed foods. Suitable to your nutritional preferences of course. 

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Unconventional Training Programme

Tap into our innate movement patterns, integrating primal movements, and challenge the body in new ways. Let this kickstart your unconventional fitness journey. This challenge comes with a free 7 day programme for just that.

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Visualisation, breathwork and stillness

To step into the version of ourself, we must have a vision of what that is. Use these tools to define who you will become, be here now. This is a daily 5-10minute practice to assist our 7 day transformation.

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